Logitech M570 Bind Keys

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This will setup the two extra buttons on the Logitech M570. You can map them to any key you like.

Install the proper packages.

$ yum install xvkbd xbindkeys

Create a .xbindkeysrc in your home folder with default settings.

$ xbindkeys --defaults >> ~/.xbindkeysrc

Add this to the bottom of the .xbindkeysrc you just created.

"/usr/bin/xvkbd  -text "\[BackSpace]""
       m:0x0 + b:8
"/usr/bin/xvkbd  -text "\[Return]""
       m:0x0 + b:9

Autostart xbindkeys when you login.

ln -s /usr/bin/xbindkeys ~/.kde/Autostart


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