How to enable smiley(emoji) icons on iPhone

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You can now download a application from iTunes that will turn these icons on directly. Emoji ♨★♡♫ Icons once installed the application will add the icons to your sms message keyboard interface.


This is a cute little trick to load an icon set into your iPhone for use with SMS messages. Follow the directions below to enable them.

IMG_0181Install Spell Number from the iTunes App Store (it’s free).

IMG_0185Launch Spell Number.

IMG_0184Type 91929394.59 then press the Home button.

IMG_0186Go to your Settings, tap on General

IMG_0187Tap Keyboards

IMG_0188Tap on International Keyboards.

IMG_0189Scroll down to you see Japanese and select it.

IMG_0190Turn Emoji on.

IMG_0191Go to SMS Messages and bring up the keyboard.

IMG_0192In the lower left you’ll see a new icon, tap it.

Delete the Spell Number application (if you want) because the emoji icons will still be there.


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