Mount Saint Helens and Multnomah Falls

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Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint HelensI was finally able to leave Seattle as my friend begged me to stay longer and longer and started the drive down the west coast. once I was outside of Seattle the rain started to let up and was more intermittent. people are not kidding when they say it is rainy in the pacific north west. Unfortunately as I arrived to the ancient volcano it started to rain again. it was like driving through a cloud. It was nice to see all the leaves changing color which made the drive rather scenic. Due to the rain and the altitude, I was not able to see the mountain. looks like I am going to have to go back for this one.


Multnomah Falls

Multnomah FallsSo I left and started to drive down to Portland to see the Multnomah falls. They are about a half hour east of Portland. Same story here, except that I got there during sunset. I decided it would be best to not get out of the car and get soaked. so I just drove by and looked from the car. All in all the day was a wash.



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